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Toxicology Courses in Ireland

University College Dublin (UCD) offers a number of postgraduate programmes in toxicology. These courses are aimed at individuals with a scientific qualification who want to further develop
their skills and knowledge of toxicology and gain a recognised 3rd level qualification in the
area. including a Professional Certificate in Toxicology, a Professional Diploma in Toxicology (Level 8), and an MSc in Toxicology & Regulatory Affairs (Level 9).

The courses are delivered by Eurotox Registered Toxicologists, and there is significant involvement of toxicology professionals in industry and regulatory agencies in the courses.


These programmes are specifically designed to meet employer needs and are available on a full-time or part-time basis to flexibly accommodate individuals who are in employment.

For further information on these courses please visit the appropriate course page below.

Professional Certificate in Toxicology


Professional Diploma in Toxicology


MSc in Toxicology & Regulatory Affairs

Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) has been a home of toxicology education in Ireland for many years. In addition to offering various undergraduate courses in the area, the institute is also very active in toxicology research via the Faculty of Science and Health, and the Bioscience Research Institute located on campus.  AIT offers 2 Toxicology-focused undergraduate programmes - A BSc in Forensic Toxicology (Level 7) and a BSc in Toxicology (Level 8).

For further information on these courses please visit the appropriate course page below.

BSc in Forensic Toxicology

BSc in Toxicology

University College Galway (NUIG) offers an MSc in Toxicology (Level 9).

For further information click here.

Jobs / Vacancies

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